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Elliott George(352-468-1426)
Forehand Jimmy(352-498-7555)
Forehand Shirley(352-498-7555)
Fowler Donald R(352-498-5421)
Gassett Betty(352-498-0856)
Goodman M B(352-498-5706)
Gothard Wayne(352-498-0870)
Griffen Bobbie(352-498-0757)
Hall Joanelle B(352-498-3296)
Hart Riley(352-498-2030)
Hicks Danny(352-498-5182)
Hicks Elsie(352-498-5182)
Higginbotham D H(352-498-2323)
Howell Rufus(352-498-5414)
Hutchison Stevie(352-498-2857)
Island Food Store(352-498-2422)
Johnson W E(352-498-3553)
Kidd's Korner(352-498-6070)
Kight Cecil(352-498-2809)
Kight Cleo(352-498-2809)
Kight David(352-498-0236)
Kight George T(352-498-3014)
Kight Terry(352-498-0236)
Knight Dwight(352-498-5901)
Lanthier Ludger W(352-498-3726)
Lee Wanda(352-498-3184)
Liles Douglas(352-498-3497)
Liles Helen(352-498-3186)
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