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Bailey James(352-288-1205)
Coastal Tire/Auto Co(386-428-5223)
Indian River Baptist Church(386-427-7449)
Aikens Toby(386-426-0055)
Batty G(386-428-7820)
Bonham Marjorie A(386-427-1815)
Bunce Kenneth C(386-409-9075)
Casturao Teresa(386-426-5874)
Chisholm Christina(386-426-6670)
Haeseley Jack(386-427-1712)
Haeseley Rennie(386-427-1712)
Haller B(386-427-7691)
Hammond L J(386-423-6609)
Metrocavage John(386-424-0320)
Newell Christopher(386-424-0457)
Russell Pamela J(386-423-5487)
Slemaker Susan(386-478-0186)
Weavil S(386-427-6492)
Advance Discount Auto Parts(386-427-4995)
Sizzling Platter(386-424-0950)
Leon's Edgewater Motors Inc(386-427-4816)
Handy Way Food Stores(386-427-2351)
Eckerd Drugs(386-423-4674)
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