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AAA Porta Serv Inc(386-454-0929)
Redeeming Faith & Anointing Minis(352-367-9933)
J and L Seafood Shack(352-374-0950)
Camil Scott(352-375-2563)
Drummond Ann(352-372-5793)
Drummond Peter C(352-372-5793)
Miller J T(352-378-8232)
Peterson Anthony(352-377-4894)
Peterson Ruby(352-372-8926)
Acors Chet(386-454-2550)
Acors Robin(386-454-2550)
Adams Jimmy L(386-454-2714)
Adams Rebecca(386-454-3068)
Adams Robert(386-454-1145)
Adams Seth(386-454-4955)
Adkins K(386-454-0804)
Advanced Massage & Healing(386-454-5665)
Adventure Outpost(386-454-0611)
Afzal Naser(386-454-2494)
Aguirre D(386-454-5028)
Alachua County(386-454-2563)
Alachua County Health Clinic High Spr(386-454-2421)
Alachua County Public Schools(386-454-2701)
Alexander Edward(386-454-8950)
Alexander Lashunda(386-454-8950)
Alford Michael L(386-497-1290)
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