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Johnson A M(352-787-6002)
Johnson J W(352-787-6002)
Summerlin William R(352-728-5915)
Phillips Jesse M(352-787-7391)
Gregg Fred(352-365-2091)
Gregg Pam(352-365-2091)
Paquette Thomas A(352-326-3396)
White Richard(352-365-2259)
White Sylvia(352-365-2259)
Skehan Edward J(352-360-1135)
Howard Alfred(352-323-8456)
Howard Ann(352-323-8456)
Thomas Louie B(352-326-9160)
Exum Gary(352-787-0895)
Exum Sue(352-787-0895)
Marynell M L(352-787-7274)
Sellars Charles D(352-728-4600)
Tanner Nancy(352-728-6675)
Tanner Richard(352-728-6675)
Simison Clifford(352-326-3853)
Naue-Clark K(352-314-0501)
Naue-Clark Lewis(352-314-0501)
Redmond Nina(352-314-0184)
Matthes Sherwood A(352-728-3207)
Ruth John V(352-326-9375)
Ruth Mary(352-326-9375)
Fuller R(352-326-8269)
Hafer Jack(352-315-0107)
Hafer Phyllis(352-315-0107)
Briant Margaret M(352-365-7820)
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