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Chopak Michael(863-696-4027)
Jiminez Harriet(863-679-1770)
Killmeyer Vincent L(863-638-2660)
Henry Eula(863-678-0128)
Johnson Brenda(863-679-9375)
Groover Sonja(863-676-0592)
Herring Maurice Jr(863-676-0833)
Croley Henry C(863-638-2595)
Lake Wales Housing Authority(863-676-7414)
Hodge J C(863-676-6871)
Shipman Kiuwana(863-679-1856)
Thompkins Floyd(863-676-0028)
Howard Ernest(863-676-6670)
Quinones Juan V(863-679-8910)
Randall Ella M(863-676-7267)
Grier James L(863-678-0272)
Howard Willie(863-679-3740)
Williams L(863-676-4582)
Craft Thos(863-678-0346)
Browning Gilbert(863-676-3726)
Boyd Jeanet(863-678-0823)
McPherson Daisy(863-676-1294)
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