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Akers Fred(386-935-0478)
George Raymond(904-291-9655)
Stubbs P D(904-282-8925)
Hartmangruber John L(904-291-9592)
Cotis Doris(904-291-1423)
Cotis Raymond(904-291-1423)
Eutsler Roland(904-291-3817)
Fugate Sean(904-291-1295)
Branch Ester(904-291-2741)
Dustin Richard R(904-406-2730)
Bennett Pamela(904-291-5295)
Langdale Amanda(904-406-4649)
Kemery Harold(904-291-3257)
Schenker Andrew(904-291-3376)
Papazian George(904-291-1527)
Miller Donald R(904-282-7143)
Edgerley F J(904-282-1788)
Lay David(904-291-2913)
Lay Lurleen(904-291-2913)
Waters Billy(904-291-6578)
Carter Jeanette(904-406-2062)
Rainer Cindy(904-282-0476)
Rainer Joe(904-282-0476)
Schire Adrienne(904-282-3234)
Hansen G(904-291-8855)
Shannon Marion(904-282-6622)
Shannon Paul(904-282-6622)
Morris Arnold(904-282-6814)
Laurie Stewart(904-291-5662)
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