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A & J Restaurant Equipment Broke(352-625-2600)
Tripp J A(352-748-7592)
Moore C P(352-330-3628)
Moore Evelyne(352-330-3628)
Reed Gayle(352-330-0952)
Schwerin Dunn H(352-748-7425)
Stone Harold B(352-748-5871)
Stone Lois(352-748-5871)
Miley James M(352-330-2390)
Parrish Bruce(352-330-1822)
T D Quarter Horse(352-748-5001)
Nichols William(352-330-0469)
Lafferre Dora(352-748-4473)
Lafferre Gene(352-748-4473)
Posey L J(352-748-7164)
Gessner Leroy O(352-748-6807)
Rhodes Robert N(352-748-5068)
Nightengale Darold R(352-748-2923)
Hall James W(352-748-1485)
Tucker Dale(352-748-6033)
Tucker Mike S(352-748-6033)
Dufresne Cheryl(352-330-0694)
Evans K(352-330-2511)
Van Nostran M(352-330-2511)
Summers K P(352-748-4837)
Galati Carmen(352-748-8006)
Clark Larry A(352-748-2380)
Moulin Carl F(352-748-9314)
Altman Robert(352-748-0504)
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