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A A Above Ground Pool Specialists(352-528-3918)
Macdonald D(352-468-2515)
Davis J(352-468-3788)
Red Barn of Waldo(352-468-2880)
Gaddy Clark D(352-468-1794)
Gate Petroleum Co #170(352-468-2804)
Robinson G W(352-468-2041)
Wainwright David(352-468-2131)
Wainwright Jackie(352-468-2131)
Keener Roger D(352-468-2822)
Casa Las Brujas Antiques(352-468-2709)
Island Food Stores Ltd #320(352-468-2647)
Seaton Michael N(352-468-2086)
Whaley Hunt(352-468-2251)
Whaley Katrina(352-468-2251)
Holland R E(352-468-2221)
Waldo Feed & Hardware(352-468-2667)
Gouin Elaine(352-468-2034)
Gouin Raymond(352-468-2034)
Cruce Kim D(352-468-3791)
Thiemann John(352-468-3784)
Thiemann Joyce(352-468-3784)
Alachua County Library District(352-468-3298)
Waldo City of(352-468-2288)
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